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Hello there,You already step on My INSPIRITS world,No harsh word,No copycats allowed . Love INFINITE since Come Back Again . I'm married with Myungsoo a.k.a. L and Scandal with Oh Sehun .{Don't Jelly} =)


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Annyeong! Talking here is Eyra. A girl, Muslim, Blogger, Twitterian, Facebooker and student. I am also a kpopper. Inspirit, Exotics, ARMY, Pink Panda, Sone , MyGirl. Be nice here and leave your footprint at my Cbox.Taken by L STATUS : Cuti sekolahh!! Yahoooooo!~~~
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My KMSL ; asdfghjkl I LAP U

Due date : 31 Julai 2013

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